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Fall/Winter Newsletter

Dear Friends,                                                                        NEWSLETTER LINK

Life at Lions Peak continues to be filled with numerous memorable activities. Since our Spring/ Summer newsletter, LP has welcomed you to our tasting room for the Taste of Solvang, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, the Cabernet and Classic Cars, Labor Day, and Danish Days.


During all of these “Happenings,” the vines in the vineyard were pruned, nutrients added,Cabernet Sauvignon irrigated, and numerous other items done to ensure the 2010 Harvest will be received in optimum condition. Mother Nature has consistently played her role with the welcome rains and moderate temperatures. Actually, the moderate temperatures are better for the grapes. When the temperature goes above 95 degrees, most grapes tend to shut down their photosynthesis to conserve moisture. On the other hand, temperatures in the 80’s and low 90’s offer perfect growing conditions.  For this reason, the extra hang time…. Read More


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