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2011 Spring           ROAR WITH THE LIONS          2011 Summer

Dear Family of Friends

Lions Peak Vineyard has had an excellent start this 2011 year.  The long awaited rains have returned and once again we are blessed with what we called in the early 1990’s the March miracles of abundant rains. The vines are now 42 years old and seeing their beautiful arms draped on the trellis provide one with awe.

The vineyard hillsides are exceptionally green and the views are spectacular this time of the year and not to be missed!  The vines have been pruned and the canes tied, and Mother Nature is beginning to wake up all of the vines from their winter rest. To sit out on the veranda and see Mother Nature at work is truly a spiritual experience. The roses are starting to bloom and the lavender is beginning its new season. The vineyard landscape is always a work in progress and the addition of pink jasmine and boxwood surrounds is captivating. Nights are equally extraordinary, and when you view the full moon and see the stars at their full magnitude, hear crickets chirping…. this is what dreams are made of.

Lions Peak Tasting Room has now been at our Solvang location for (7) seven years. It is amazing how time seems to pass by so rapidly. With this being said, the 2011-year is starting off with new beginnings. Our Valentine weekend was fantastic, and it is just the beginning of the events that LP is planning for the 2011 calendar year.  From the Taste of Solvang, Easter, Memorial Weekend open house, the 4th of July to the autumn and winter activities, LP is opening our doors for wonderful events.

Our Solvang Tasting Room is open seven days a week with extended hours on the weekends and for special weekend events. Lions Peak Spring Calendar returns with weekday hours of 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM with extended weekend hours.

Mellonie,  John “Eric”, Mary, Eric, Peggy ,Jon, and Jennifer  will enjoy talking to you about Lions Peak wines, music, arts,  cuisine, and would also love to hear about the adventures of your life. We invite you to have a premium or reserve tasting or try our new feature…Lions Peak Wine by the Glass! We are here to serve you and ensure that you have a great time!


The annual Taste of Solvang weekend was Lions Peak’s kickoff for the arrival of the spring season. Friday evening’s event featured a wonderful array of desserts from restaurants, chocolate confectionaries, and merchants.  The desserts were paired with wines from Solvang wine tasting rooms and wine shops.  Lions Peak served our wonderful Late Harvest Viognier, Ports, Rose, Chardonnay, and Estate Cabernet.  Live music and dancing was an added feature, which was enjoyed by all.

Lions Peak joined other wineries and wine shops on Saturday evening for a special event filled with music, wine, and the opportunity of meeting new friends. We all had a great time….


This spring LP new wines have become part of the LP line up. Our latest addition is the “Roaring Lion”, a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon that is Barrel aged in 100% French oak from LP’s old Cabernet vines.  Another new wine joins LP for the first time…“BFF, aka…Best Friends Forever”. If you loved “LULU”, LP thinks this will be a wine that is a must for every Girlfriend of LP!BFF”, Best Friends Forever, dedicated to those best friends of the owner of Lions Peak. The white and red wine old favorites have returned…some with new labels! The wines that are in the queue are: Lulu, Sisters, Viognier, Rousanne, Chardonnay, Peak Rouge, Roaring Lion, Mourvedre, BFF… aka …Best Friends Forever, Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah, Grenache, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Proprietors Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, and Lionnesse. All of these wines have been produced in limited quantities.


Mark your calendar for Lions Peak Spring Open House during Memorial Weekend; LP will be serving our new wines and our Library Cabernet Sauvignons, Dessert wines, and Meritages.  In addition, great music and complimentary appetizers will accompany the LP wines. The open house will be from the time we open until closing all weekend!


Special pricing on our limited Library wines and Case Specials!



We invite you to enjoy a perfect event or holiday to the Lions Peak Vineyard Estate home.  The Estate home is available nightly or weekly for unforgettable vacation getaways, meeting, weddings, and seminars.  Situated on 120 acres, the estate dates back to the early 1970’s.  The home features verandas surrounded by rose gardens, jasmine, and French lavender.  Inside is a spacious kitchen and breakfast area, formal dining and meeting room, living room, informal family room, three upstairs bedrooms and a spacious, third floor living area ideal for extra guest.  Call 805.693.5466 with questions and availability by booking your next holiday!


Connoisseurs Club

2006 Proprietor’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $45.00

2007 Petite Sirah $28.00

2008 Lionnesse (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, & Cabernet Franc) $45.00

2005 Peak Rouge $20.00

2009 Marsanne $25.00

2008 Merlot $35.00


Premium Club

2008 Proprietor’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $50.00

2007 Roaring Lion $45.00

2006 Proprietor’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $45.00

2007 Petite Sirah $35.00

BFF/ Best Friends Forever $28.00

2005 Mourvedre $35.00


Roaring Cabernet

(2) 2006 Proprietor’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $45.00

(1) 2008 Proprietor’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $50.00

(2) 2007 Roaring Lion $45.00

(1) 2006 Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon $30.00


White Wine Club

2009 LULU $25.00

2005 Late Harvest Viognier $25.00

2009 Viognier $25.00

 2009 Chardonnay $25.00


Holiday Summer Wine Club

Champagne $35.00

2005 Zinfandel $35.00

1997 Cabernet Sauvignon $100.00

Proprietor’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $50.00

                                2009 The Sisters $25.00

    2006 Grenache $35.00


Special Case Discount of 25% savings & Special Case Pricing on Select Wines off 50% –  call for details

Mix and Match okay contact the LP Tasting Room for information…805.693.5466


Thank you, Jennifer & Lulu…The Lions Peak Family Vineyards
  805.693.LION (5466)

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