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New Yelp Reviews About Our Tasting Room

5 Stars

Stumbled across this tasting room while enjoying a candy Apple from next door and was pleasantly surprised by the great wine, friendly staff, and nice vibe.  Mellonie at the bar poured some nice wines and her favorite blend in a glass which was wonderful.  We commented on the good music only to learn that that too was Mellonie!  Good wines.. good times. – David M.

5 Stars

We randomly chose Lion’s Peak on as we passed Solvang and headed to SLO. Our indiscriminate selection for wine tasting couldn’t be any better. The guy behind the counter was well rounded and was knowledgeable on his wine. It was a wine connoisseur’s playing field. For $15 we were able to select our own 6 tastings. The tastings were not only generously poured but we definitely got more than 6.

We absolutely LOVED their reds. We will be joining the wine club. The exclusivity, the fantastic service and delicious wine were beyond amazing! – Joanna

5 Stars

This place came recommended on our full day of wine tasting. The Sommelier was a Frenchman that not only knew his wine, but knew his wine pairings as well.

We started with the white wine sampler enjoying the Viognier, Chardonnay and ended with the Marsanne. We are not white wine drinkers. However, this flavors simply burst in your mouth. Hints of butterscotch, slight oak, berries, and apricots. It was so good we joined the wine club. Great find!!! – Eugene B.

5 Stars

We were out there on Saturday April 2nd. I was a member of the winery several years ago but had to quit one of about seven I belonged too. Their wines are well made and tasty. Their line up is large, with whites, blends, and traditional’s like cabernet and zinfandel. Often they have specials for all guests and I took advantage of this opportunity. I purchased a case of their delicious PORT wine for 120.00. What a great PRICE. Other specials included their cabernet and Viognier, same price. The staff is friendly and attentive. The tasting room is comfortable with great art, wine trinkets, and of course great WINES. We’ll certainly continue to make it a stop for us. – Javier G.

5 Stars

Surprisingly excellent, very dense and oaky red wines in a tasting room at the edge of a strange little tourist town. This is heavy-duty stuff. $10 for a rather austere tasting. The taciturn but passionate owner, who also runs the tasting room, is the spitting image of Hollywood Squares stalwart Soupy Sales. If that’s not worth five stars, what is? – Gil S.

5 Stars

Accidental discoveries are often the most pleasant – and that’s what this place turned out to be for us!

We were strolling through Solvang on vacation (on my birthday.. weee!), having re-visited the Lucas & Lewllen tasting room for a bit of a refresher tasting of their wines. We’d visited a few shops when my wifey spots some nice glass displays in the window of the Lion’s Peak Winery tasting room.

Sooooo we slipped inside and looked around. We were the only ones there, along with the wine pourer – Damien (I hope this spelling is correct!). He asked us if we’d like to do a tasting. I said sure…why not?

What followed was an hour of pure delight!

Our tasting consisted of 2 whites, 3 reds and 1 port – for $10 each. Not bad. The wines themselves were very good. My wife and I lean more towards white wines. In fact it takes a very special red wine to really get past my wife’s palate intact.

Turns out all three of the reds we had were very approachable, all very pleasant to both of us – and we even took home a bottle of their Cab Sauv Reserve…the wife liked that one the most!

Their Port was also yummy and was snatched up!

But what really made the experience was Damien. He explained each wine and what to expect taste wise. He was very knowledgeable, especially when it came to what food each wine would pair with. Turns out he’s a trained chef and has been a sous-chef for a rather well-known local restaurant.

We had such a wonderful time discussing wine, food, travel and all kinds of things wine-related. By the time we were done – and hour had passed – a very delightful hour.

This is one of the few wineries that we’ve seriously considered joining their wine club. The experience was that good for us. We’ll certainly come back if we’re in the area again. – Wayne W.

4 Stars

I really like coming here. I’ve been here a few times now and always have really good wine. The location is right on Copenhagen Dr. so you can’t miss it.

The Sommelier there are knowledgeable and very sweet. They try to be as attentive as possible and remember where you are on your tasting. They do get very busy so sometimes it is hard and you have to wait a little while for your next tasting.

For $15 you can have 6 tastings and get to keep the glass. They will also do glass and half glass pouring there too if you find something you really like.

They do have a wine club that varies in cost but the nice thing is that they don’t pressure you to join. Some places do and follow you around with an order form.

They had some great white wines while I was up there a few weeks ago and their Roaring Lion Cabernet was a particular favorite of my boyfriend. I enjoyed it as well even though I don’t particularly like Reds. My favorite white is “The Sisters” which wasn’t too sweet or too overpowering in flavor.

I will keep coming back here. – Sarah L.

4 Stars

Randomly chose Lion’s Peak over L&L tasting room because we only had enough time for one.  It was nice and cool inside and the lady generously poured us way more than 6 tastings.  She had no problem with us creating our own tasting menu and even gave us a taste of the port.  Since it was lunchtime she opened some fancy marinated olives and set out crackers and cookies.

We scored a nice white that had these amazing fruit flavors.  We decided to save it for a very special occasion.  I’d definitely recommend stopping here, but since it’s 2 doors down from L&L why not take your time and go to both? – Elite ’11


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