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Spring  –  Summer Newsletter

To: Lions Peak’s Family of Friends

Lions Peak Vineyard has had an excellent start this 2012 year. The vineyard home is still in the process of transformation. The rose gardens have grown. Since last April we have planted over 150 roses and added lavender, jasmine, and olive trees to the surrounding grounds by the vineyard house. It has proven to be quite an undertaking to restore the house and surrounding grounds.

The Lions Peak Vineyard House and surrounding vineyard represents 40 years of dreams. From the dream, the creation has become manifested. When you stand out on the veranda and view the vines that drape the hillside, it is an experience that is truly awesome. The views are spectacular this time of the year and not to be missed! The vines are in the process of being pruned and the canes tied. We are anxiously awaiting bud break! The vineyard is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the wonders of creation. So often we lose sight of the simplicity of life.


Lions Peak Tasting Room has now been at our Solvang location for (8) eight years. It is amazing how time seems to pass by so rapidly. The 2012-year beginning has proven to be exciting one. Our Valentine weekend was fantastic, and President’s Day weekend followed with an overflow of guests. We want to continue to express our gratitude to all of our club members for making Lions Peak’s story one of joy.

LP calendar of events for 2012 is exciting. On Saturday afternoons, from 3:00 PM until 7:30PM we are having an afternoon and early evening of eclectic music and the diverse DJ selections from JSH Productions. As part of our special events, Lions Peak is also planning to have wine and chocolate pairings, wine and cheese pairings, and open house events. Please look for emails that will provide you with the details of each event.

Our Solvang Tasting Room is opened seven days a week with extended hours on weekends and for special events. Lions Peak Spring Calendar returns with weekday hours returning to 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We invite you to have a Premium or VIP tasting, or try our new added feature…Lions Peak Wine by the Glass! We are here to serve you and ensure that you leave with new knowledge of both wine and food pairings. We invite you to call or email us with any of your questions regarding wine and food pairings.


The annual Taste of Solvang weekend was Lions Peak’s kickoff for the arrival of the spring season. Friday evening featured a wonderful array of desserts from restaurants, chocolate confectionaries, and other merchants. The desserts were paired with wines from Solvang wine tasting rooms and wine shops.   Lions Peak served our tasters our wonderful Late Harvest Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon Port, Marsanne, and our Estate Cabernet. Live music and dancing was an added feature, enjoyed by all.

The weekend continued with a number of special events. Lions Peak joined other wineries and wine shops on Saturday and Sunday for tasting. We had a great time….welcomed all our guests with a diverse collection of LP wines.


We want to express our appreciation and gratitude to the State of Texas for inviting us to speak at the Viognier Symposium. The Symposium began on the history of Viognier, which was presented by a sommelier. The through education of the Viognier grape provided all with an in-depth understanding of the Viognier grape. The strengths and weaknesses of Viognier were thoroughly discussed, as well as, macro and micro climates requirements, soil and rootstocks, and harvest considerations. The panel discussion looked at Viognier wine as a standalone or blend, and wine styles recommendations were part of the overview of the topic of winemaking.

Prior to the beginning of the Symposium Brennan Vineyards graciously hosted a dinner that Lions Peak was pleased to be a part. Lions Peak was honored to represent California and discuss our Viognier, Late Harvest Viognier, Lulu and our Rhone Blends. On a side bar, it was good to be back in Texas!


Mark your calendar for Lions Peak Spring Open House during Memorial Weekend, May 25th through May 28th

LP shall be serving barrel samples of our 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, and our Library Cabernet Sauvignons. In addition, great music and complimentary appetizers will accompany the LP wines. The open house will be from the time we open until closing all week.



Connoisseurs Club

2007 Roaring Lion Cabernet Sauvignon $45.00

Vis a Vis   $28.00

2008 Merlot $35.00

2009 Lulu   $25.00

2008 Cabernet Franc $35.00

2008 Viognier $25.00


Premium Club

2007 Roaring Lion Cabernet Sauvignon $45.00

Vis a Vis $28.00

2008 Proprietor’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $50.00

2008 Merlot $35.00

2008 Cabernet Franc $35.00

2006 Grenache $35.00


Roaring Cabernet Club

(1) 2008 Proprietor’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $50.00

(2) 2007 Roaring Lion Cabernet Sauvignon $50.00

(1) 2002 Augustus XIX Cabernet Sauvignon Port $30.00

(1) 2008 Lionnesse $45.00

(1) 2008 Roaring Lion Cabernet Sauvignon $50.00


Sommelier Club


1999 Lionnesse $100.00

1998 Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon $100.00

2006 Proprietor’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $50.00

2008 Lionnesse $45.00

2008 Roar Lion Cabernet Sauvignon $50.00

2008 Proprietor’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $50.00


White Wine Club

2009 Lulu $25.00

2005 Late Harvest Viognier $25.00

2005 Peak Rouge $20.00

2009 Marsanne $25.00

2008 Viognier $25.00

2009 The Sisters $25.00


It is always my pleasure to produce Lions Peak’s wines. From the vineyard to the fermentation, barrel, bottle, and to your glass, I wish you the very best.


   Best wishes,

Jennifer Arant

Lions Peak Owner & Winemaker  


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