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Wine Club

Enjoy the Privileges of Wine Club Membership

Lions Peak is proud to offer you the opportunity to become a member of Club Lions Peak, The wine club is an elite group of wine enthusiasts, like yourself, who appreciate fine boutique wines of exceptional quality.

Lions Peak has a variety of Wine Club Selections which you can choose ranging from your semi-annual collection of either (6) or (12) bottle shipment.

Lions Peak Wine Clubs

(Complimentary Shipping)

Connoisseurs Club: (Semi Annual)
4 Red and 2 White Wines, 6 bottles@ $180.00 or 12 bottles @ $360.00

Premium Club: (Semi Annual)
Assorted Reds-Cabernet, Meritage, and Rhone Wines-Twice yearly, 6 bottles@ $195.00 or 12 bottles@ $390.00

White and Rose Club:
(Semi Annual)
Only Whites and Rosé-Twice a year, 6 bottles@ $125.00 or 12 bottles at $250.00

Roaring Lion Club: (Semi Annual)
All Cabernet Sauvignon Estate and Reserves Wines, 6 bottles@ $225.00 or 12 bottles @ $450.00


Cub Club (Quarterly)

3 bottle shipment. $60 mixed, $70 reds


Optional Holiday Shipment (Semi-Annual)

Fall/Winter & Special Events 6 bottles $250, 12 bottles $500


Spring/Summer Holiday & Special 6 bottles $250, 12 bottles $500

These optional holiday collections have been selected for you special events throughout the year. You may choose one or both special packages.


Contact Us: 800.390.WINE (9463)

Tasting Room 805.693.5466

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